About the Song

“Up Above My Head” is a gospel and rhythm and blues song that was written and popularized by Sister Rosetta Tharpe, a pioneering gospel singer, songwriter, and guitarist. The song was originally recorded in 1947 and has since become a gospel standard. It is known for its upbeat and energetic tempo, featuring lively vocals and spirited instrumentation.

Here are some key details about the song:

  • Artist: Sister Rosetta Tharpe is credited as the original artist and performer of “Up Above My Head.”
  • Release Year: The song was recorded on October 31, 1947, and released as a single in 1948.
  • Genre: “Up Above My Head” is primarily classified as a gospel song, but it also incorporates elements of rhythm and blues.
  • Musical Style: The song is characterized by its jubilant and infectious energy. It features Tharpe’s expressive vocals, accompanied by her skillful guitar playing.
  • Lyrics: The lyrics of “Up Above My Head” convey a message of joy, celebration, and spiritual upliftment. The recurring theme is the presence of divine love and protection.
  • Influence and Covers: The song has been covered by various artists across different genres. Its uplifting and catchy nature has made it a favorite for reinterpretation. Artists such as Elvis Presley, Rhiannon Giddens, and others have covered the song.
  • Legacy: Sister Rosetta Tharpe’s original recording of “Up Above My Head” remains a classic in gospel music. The song’s enduring popularity has solidified its place in the gospel genre and its impact on subsequent generations of musicians.

It’s worth noting that Elvis Presley, as mentioned earlier, might have included a rendition of “Up Above My Head” during the ’68 Comeback Special, showcasing his versatility and appreciation for various musical styles.

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