About the Song

“Ask Me” is a song recorded by Elvis Presley. It was written by Bill Giant, Bernie Baum, and Florence Kaye. The song was released as a single in 1964 by RCA Records.

Here are some details about the song:

  • Release Date: “Ask Me” was released as a single on September 7, 1964.
  • Songwriters: The song was written by Bill Giant, Bernie Baum, and Florence Kaye.
  • Genre: It falls under the genre of pop and rock and roll, which were signature styles of Elvis Presley.
  • Length: The song has a duration of approximately 2 minutes and 6 seconds.
  • Chart Performance: “Ask Me” performed moderately well on the charts, reaching the top 20 in the United States.
  • Album: “Ask Me” was also included on Elvis Presley’s studio album titled “Elvis’ Golden Records Volume 3,” which was released in 1963.
  • Theme: The song’s lyrics express the narrator’s willingness to answer any questions and provide comfort and reassurance to their romantic interest. It conveys a sense of openness and affection.

Overall, “Ask Me” is a melodic and heartfelt song that highlights Elvis Presley’s smooth vocal delivery and his ability to convey sincerity and emotion through his music.


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